Concrete Sealers USA Information Guide

We at All Garage Floors have listed below a quick information guide for the concrete and garage floor sealer products that we recommend. This is based on evaluations or reviews that include product testing. You can find sealers other than what we list here direct at Concrete Sealers USA.

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We know that sealers can sometimes be confusing. As a result, we have listed the two categories of sealers, what they do, and a brief description of each. Included is a link to purchase or check pricing as well as a link to our evaluation or review of the product if you want to learn more.

Penetrating Sealers

These are concrete sealers that penetrate into the surface of the concrete and form a barrier at the subsurface. They do not change the look of bare concrete and they retain the same slip resistance when wet. Penetrating sealers are also the easiest to apply and typically the most economical solution to sealing your concrete.

PS101 & PS102 Siliconate Sealers

Siliconate sealers are a very popular concrete sealing solution for those that require a traditional high performing sealer that protects and seals their concrete from damage. Great for garage floors, driveways, patios, and walkways.


Use PS101 for smooth troweled concrete and PS102 for rougher finishes such as walkways, patios, driveways, or broom finished concrete.


PS104 Densifier with Siliconate Sealer

Popular for busy garage floors and workshops, this densifier sealer helps to increase the strength of your concrete and harden the surface. In addition, it aids in slowing down mild concrete dusting and water intrusion from below the surface of the concrete.


Furthermore, it has a siliconate sealer added to help seal the surface at the same time. It’s like getting two products in one application.  

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PS100 Oil and Salt Repellant Sealer

This penetrating sealer specializes at repelling oil and salt intrusion. It provides “Best in Class” performance that we consider a “must consideration” if resisting oil stains or salt damage is high on your priority list.

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Film Forming Sealers / Coatings

Film forming sealers are actual clear coatings that form a thin layer on the surface of the concrete or garage floor. They are the most resistant to oil stains, chemicals, salts, and more.


In addition, film forming sealers can slightly darken the color of bare concrete and will not be as slip resistant as a penetrating sealer. Lastly, they provide the easiest surface to clean and keep clean.

TS210 Heavy Duty Oil and Stain Protector

This is a 2 component high performing clear acrylic modified aliphatic polyurethane that is arguably one of the easiest coating to apply and does not require a lot of concrete prep like other coatings.


Designed for smooth troweled concrete, it will make cleanups a breeze and protect your garage floor from oil stains, automotive fluids, road salts, and most other potent chemicals that you can encounter in a garage environment. Furthermore, it’s highly resistant to scratching and stands up well to floor jacks, rolling tool boxes and other automotive or shop equipment.