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Home Owner’s Guide To Garage Flooring Ideas and Options

Welcome to All Garage Floors where you can learn about the latest garage flooring options, ideas, and tips available today.  With the increasing trend in garage floors changing all the time, we like to stay current so that you can learn how to improve the looks, performance, and style of your garage.  You could be looking for ideas to turn your garage floor into a showroom for your cars, toys, and tools or maybe you just want to hide those ugly cracks in your concrete.

If you don’t have the time to do a project on your own, arm yourself with the knowledge of what is required to do the job correctly in order to be satisfied with who you hire.  Whatever your reasons may be, let’s look briefly at the various garage flooring ideas and options available to help steer you in the right direction.

Garage Flooring Options

One of the leading favorites is garage floor epoxy.  Mixed with an A and B compound, this tough coating is usually applied in multiple coats.  You have the option of a solid color or adding a mixture of colored chips to create a bit of texture as well as different color hues.  Warranties of 15 years or more is not unheard of anymore for these tough garage floor coatings. [Continue reading]

How to Prep an Older Epoxy Floor for a New Coat

recoating epoxy garage floor

One question that is often asked is how to add another coat of epoxy or a clear coat to an existing epoxy floor that has already cured.  If you’ve done a little bit of research on epoxy application, then you know how important floor preparation is.  … [Continue reading]

The Orange Twin V10 RaceDeck Garage Floor Project


So what do you do when you have two orange and exotic summer cars that need a nice place to stay in the winter?  Well Jon R from Huntington, New York found himself asking this same question.  His answer?  Instead of running them down to Florida for … [Continue reading]

The Easy Finish of Acrylic Garage Floor Sealers

acrylic sealer for garage floor

An acrylic garage floor sealer is one of the best answers to those who don't want to spend much time with a floor covering.  Some people just like the look of a bare concrete floor.  It has a utilitarian quality that is somewhat conservative and … [Continue reading]

Cleaning and Maintenance Tips for Interlocking Garage Tiles

cleaning a dirty interlocking garage tile floor

If you have an interlocking tile garage floor or you are considering purchasing one, then we are sure you have heard how easy they are to maintain.  But do you really know how to clean interlocking floor tiles?  Because of the material that these … [Continue reading]

Why We Like EpoxyMaster DIY Epoxy Flooring Kits

epoxymaster garage floor coating kit

Choosing a quality garage floor epoxy kit is not always easy.  It must provide for a very durable coating, be DIY friendly, and still look great years later after applying it.  To the inexperienced consumer, it can be difficult to navigate through … [Continue reading]

Choose the Best Interlocking Floor Tile for Snow and Winter

snow on interlocking garage floor tiles

If you live in a snowy climate and are considering interlocking tiles for the garage floor, then these winter tips and tile design information are for you.  Questions and concerns regarding which style is best when dealing with the effects of road … [Continue reading]

Use These Proven Methods to Avoid Hot Tire Pickup

epoxy coating sticking to tire creating hot tire pickup

  One of the leading concerns that people express about epoxy garage floor coatings is hot tire pickup or hot tire lift as it is sometimes referred to.  There is nothing more discouraging than applying a nice coating to your floor only to … [Continue reading]

Recommended Sealers for Large Shop and Garage Floors

best sealers for large shop floors

Finding a good sealer for a large shop floor or workshop that sees double duty as your garage isn’t always easy.  For many, the garage can also be used as a workshop or as a shop for automotive repair, metal fabrication, small machine shop, and … [Continue reading]