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Home Owner’s Guide To Garage Flooring Ideas and Options

Welcome to All Garage Floors where you can learn about the latest garage flooring options, ideas, and tips available today.  With the increasing trend in garage floors changing all the time, we like to stay current so that you can learn how to improve the looks, performance, and style of your garage.  You could be looking for ideas to turn your garage floor into a showroom for your cars, toys, and tools or maybe you just want to hide those ugly cracks in your concrete.

If you don’t have the time to do a project on your own, arm yourself with the knowledge of what is required to do the job correctly in order to be satisfied with who you hire.  Whatever your reasons may be, let’s look briefly at the various garage flooring ideas and options available to help steer you in the right direction.

Garage Flooring Options

One of the leading favorites is garage floor epoxy.  Mixed with an A and B compound, this tough coating is usually applied in multiple coats.  You have the option of a solid color or adding a mixture of colored chips to create a bit of texture as well as different color hues.  Warranties of 15 years or more is not unheard of anymore for these tough garage floor coatings. [Continue reading]

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RockSolid’s New Polycuramine Garage Floor Coat System

RockSolid new polycuramine garage floor coating

When RockSolid introduced their new line of Polycuramine garage floor and interior coatings, we were left scratching our heads at first.  After all, what in the heck is Polycuramine?  We admit we had never heard of it before.  Moreover, what happened … [Continue reading]

An Interlocking Garage Tile Project that Cost Half the Price

budget interlocking garage tile

If you are one of those budget minded people who refuse to pay full retail for stuff you want but don’t necessarily need, then Matt’s account about installing garage floor tiles at half the price should give you inspiration.  In fact, Matt’s entire … [Continue reading]

Top 5 Common Mistakes to Avoid when Applying Epoxy

epoxy floor application problems

Are you planning a DIY garage floor epoxy installation?  If so, consider this a “must read” if you want to avoid the most common errors that people make when applying a garage floor coating.  From peeling epoxy floors to bad finishes, these … [Continue reading]

Make A Plan for Organizing and Cleaning your Garage

garage storage rack

Has your garage become disorganized and a bit messy or has it turned into your own private black hole where tools, gadgets, and possessions seem to get sucked in only to never see them again?  If you’re rolling your eyes and shaking your head yes … [Continue reading]

A Shop Vacuum Accessory No Garage Should be Without

shop vac hose handle

If you do any serious cleanup duties on your garage floor, then more than likely you have a shop vacuum to help you do it. Most quality wet/dry shop vacuums are designed with a 2 ½” diameter hose in order to pick up larger volumes of dirt, sawdust, … [Continue reading]

Our Picks for the Best Budget Interlocking Garage Floor Tiles

budget garage floor tile values

There are some good values to be found if you are looking for the best cheap garage floor tiles on a limited budget. The problem however is that the market is saturated with so many brands that it’s hard to distinguish the good garage tiles from the … [Continue reading]

Our Pick for an Excellent DIY Acrylic Garage Floor Sealer

DIY garage floor sealer

It can become confusing when looking for an easy to use DIY garage floor sealer that offers good protection and looks great as well.  While some sealers offer a very durable and beautiful finish, such as epoxy, the do it yourself part turns out to be … [Continue reading]

Ditch that Cardboard Oil Slick for these Oil Absorbing Mats

garage oil mat

If you are tired of using ugly cardboard mats in your garage to catch oil drips, there are much better garage oil absorbent mats available that not only look nicer, they work much better too. There is nothing worse than an older vehicle or some sort … [Continue reading]