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Home Owner’s Guide To Garage Flooring Ideas and Options

Welcome to All Garage Floors where you can learn about the latest garage flooring options, ideas, and tips available today.  With the increasing trend in garage floors changing all the time, we like to stay current so that you can learn how to improve the looks, performance, and style of your garage.  You could be looking for ideas to turn your garage floor into a showroom for your cars, toys, and tools or maybe you just want to hide those ugly cracks in your concrete.

If you don’t have the time to do a project on your own, arm yourself with the knowledge of what is required to do the job correctly in order to be satisfied with who you hire.  Whatever your reasons may be, let’s look briefly at the various garage flooring ideas and options available to help steer you in the right direction.

Garage Flooring Options

One of the leading favorites is garage floor epoxy.  Mixed with an A and B compound, this tough coating is usually applied in multiple coats.  You have the option of a solid color or adding a mixture of colored chips to create a bit of texture as well as different color hues.  Warranties of 15 years or more is not unheard of anymore for these tough garage floor coatings. [Continue reading]

Choosing the Best Garage Floor Mats for Snow and Winter

garage snow

Choosing the best garage floor mat for snow is an important consideration when it comes to protecting your garage from the icy grip of winter.  Not only will they keep damaging road salts and deicers away from your bare concrete, they will also help … [Continue reading]

10 Reasons you Should Add a Clear Top Coat to your Epoxy Floor

how to apply garage floor epoxy top coat

Why should I apply a clear top coat to my epoxy garage floor coating?  This is a reasonable question that pops up from time to time for the average home owner looking to save some money.  The real question however ought to be why wouldn’t you apply a … [Continue reading]

The Top 5 Car Service Ramps for your Garage

best car ramps for oil changes

Finding the best car ramp to raise your vehicle higher off the ground for oil changes and other maintenance is important.  It can make a big difference between having a reliable, functional ramp or one that you can’t trust.  As useful as they can be, … [Continue reading]

Can a Porcelain Tiled Garage Floor do This?

porcelain tiled garage floor with lift

Yes, porcelain tile is one of the more durable garage floors that you can install in your home today and the toughest of all garage tile options – really!  For a variety of reasons, and a few of which are very understandable, some people are having a … [Continue reading]

Epoxy Paint or Epoxy Coating; Do you Know the Difference?

epoxy paint or epoxy coatings

There is an abundance of confusion today from homeowners looking to put an epoxy finish down on their garage floors.  Should it be epoxy paint or an epoxy coating?  Is there a difference?  If so, which is best?  The best way to figure this out is to … [Continue reading]

Get the Best Results with the Right Pressure Washer

garage floor pressure washing tips

Using a pressure washer to clean an unusually dirty garage floor of oil stains, ground in dirt, and other debris can be highly effective and requires less work than other traditional methods.  The key however is to choose the correct type of pressure … [Continue reading]

Important Tips on How to Choose a Floor Coating Contractor

tips for choosing a garage floor coating contractor

So you’ve decided to hire a floor coating contractor to epoxy your garage floor, but you’re not sure how to go about it.  You want to get a quote of course, but what questions should you be asking?  How do you know who you can trust?  With that in … [Continue reading]

8 Helpful Tips for Applying Garage Floor Sealers

concrete garage floor sealer application tips

Sealing your garage floor to retain the bare concrete look is a project that should not be that difficult.  In fact, when using the correct application techniques it can usually be completed with little if any problems.  So in an effort to help you … [Continue reading]