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A New DIY Garage Floor Sealer That Gets Our Vote

do it yourself garage floor sealer

HD6600 Garage Floor Sealer

It can become very confusing when looking for an easy to use “do-it-yourself” garage floor sealer that offers good protection and looks great as well.  While some of these sealers offer a very durable and beautiful finish, such as epoxy, the do it yourself part turns out to be much more involved and complicated than the average homeowner wants to tackle.  Every once in a while, we at All Garage Floors like to highlight a product that we feel does a particular job well and/or is easy to use.  In this particular case, if you want a garage floor sealer that is both easy to apply and offers a nice durable finish to bare concrete, we recommend that you take a look at the HD-6600 Interior Sealer by Legacy Industrial.*

Why this particular DIY garage floor sealer?

What makes this concrete sealer unique to most other easy to use topical acrylic sealers is the fact that it is an epoxy acrylic hybrid.  Here is a quote from Legacy Industrial’s technical data sheet;

HD6600 Gloss Sealer is a gloss or matte, non-yellowing, epoxy/acrylic concrete style sealer designed for interior concrete. HD6600 offers the ease of an acrylic application with the superior wear and appearance of an epoxy. Useful in garages as this product will not Hot-Tire Lift.

What this means is that you get a do it yourself sealer that can be easily applied with a roller or pump-up garden sprayer and delivers some of the added protection of an epoxy based system.  Does it offer the same protection as epoxy?  No, but it offers superior protection over a standard acrylic based sealer and is self-crosslinking.  This creates a much better film formation that contributes to the following benefits:

  • Water resistance
  • Good adhesion
  • Excellent efflorescence and alkali resistance
  • Non yellowing
  • Chemical resistance
  • Hot tire resistance
  • Non blushing
  • Excellent over bare or stained/dyed concrete
  • Higher abrasion resistance
  • Fast dry time
  • Can be applied to green (just been poured) concrete
  • Easy to clean
  • Available in a clear matte or gloss finish

The better chemical and abrasion resistance is one thing that makes this garage floor sealer stand out compared to other acrylic sealers.  It has excellent resistance to motor oil and salts and good resistance to gasoline and most other chemicals that you find in a typical garage.  If you do happen to damage the surface, it is easily repaired with the application of more sealer.

Slip resistance for this sealer is excellent when dry.  Some people say it will actually squeak under a rubber soled shoe.  Like epoxy, it can be somewhat slippery when wet and Legacy Industrial recommends applying their Soft Skid additive in the Fine grit level to the final coat to improve the anti-skid properties.

How easy is it to apply this sealer?

Just like any other topical do it yourself acrylic concrete sealer, HD-6600 can be applied with a roller or garden type pump-up sprayer.  If you can paint a wall and clean a garage floor, then you are qualified to apply this sealer.  Because it is water based, you don’t need to worry about flammability or VOC’s.  You do need to clean the concrete before application making sure to remove all contaminants such as oil, dirt, dust, grease and laitance.  Be sure to give the concrete adequate drying time before application and do not apply it if there are any visible signs of moisture.

A minimum of two thin coats are recommended for the best appearance and performance.  You can apply the second coat about 4 hours after the first coat and you can walk on it about 4-6 hours after application.   It can be driven on 24-48 hours after the final coat.  One gallon covers approximately 250-350 square feet.   Remember that the second coat always goes further since it doesn’t soak into the concrete like the first.

One of the nice features about this garage floor sealer is that is can be applied almost immediately after new concrete is poured.  Once you can walk on it, it can be applied.  Cost as of the time of this article is $75 a gallon for the matte finish and it can be purchased for much less if bought in a 5 gallon container.

If you are looking for a do-it-yourself garage floor sealer that will stand up to the rigors of light to medium duty garage use, then this sealer is definitely worth looking into.  Though not as durable as epoxy, it is easy to apply, easily repaired, easy to clean, looks great, and has good wear resistance for a sealer of this type.  For more information on this product we recommend that you contact Legacy Industrial directly.

* All Garage Floors does not represent nor benefit from the sale of this product.

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  1. Thanks for posting! When it comes to DIY home improvement sometimes the garage gets overlooked. And while it may not be ‘easy’, simple projects like this can add so much value to the look, feel, and resale value of the home.

  2. Legacy told me that the floor needs to be sanded before applying this.

    • Yes, sometimes this may be a requirement if you have hard troweled concrete or concrete that does not absorb water well. Sanding the surface or a mild acid etch may be required.

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