Our Pick for an Excellent DIY Acrylic Garage Floor Sealer

acrylic garage floor sealer
HD6525-MMA™ acrylic floor sealer

It can become confusing when looking for an easy to use DIY garage floor sealer that offers good protection and looks great as well.  While some sealers offer a very durable and beautiful finish, such as epoxy, the do it yourself part turns out to be much more involved than the average homeowner wants to tackle.

Every once in a while, we at All Garage Floors like to highlight a product that we feel does a particular job well and/or is easy to use.  In this particular case, if you want a garage floor sealer that looks great, is easy to apply, and offers a nice durable finish to bare concrete, then we recommend that you take a look at the HD6525-MMA™ Interior/Exterior Concrete Sealer by Legacy Industrial*.

Why this particular DIY garage floor sealer?

What makes this concrete sealer unique to most other easy to use topical acrylic sealers is the use of methyl methacrylate copolymer acrylic resin (MMA). It’s a solvent based sealer that provides the MMA in a 25% solids formulation.  Here is a quote from Legacy Industrial’s technical data sheet about the benefits of an MMA sealer;

HD6525-MMA™ offers improved resistance to rain, the sun, freezing temperatures, stains, hot-tires, and other pollutants that sometimes can be hazardous to concrete, far greater than other conventional sealers. HD6525-MMA™ truly is non-yellowing and will not have hot-tire issues, ever!

DIY garage floor sealer - HD6525 MMAWhat this means is that you get a DIY garage floor sealer that can be easily applied with a roller or pump-up garden sprayer and delivers better protection than typical acrylic concrete sealers.  It is approved for both interior and exterior use which means that you don’t have to worry about your garage floor being exposed to the sun for long periods of time.

It offers better protection over standard water based acrylic sealers and can be tinted to provide for many opaque colored finishes as well. MMA creates a much better film formation that contributes to the following benefits when applied in multiple coats:

  • Water resistance
  • Good adhesion
  • Concrete dust proof
  • Excellent efflorescence and alkali resistance
  • Non yellowing
  • Chemical resistance
  • No hot tire pickup
  • Excellent over bare, stained, or dyed concrete
  • Higher abrasion resistance than other acrylic sealers
  • Fast dry time
  • Provides an easy to clean garage floor
  • Tintable to many colors
  • Available in a clear matte or gloss finish

The better chemical and abrasion resistance is one benefit that makes this garage floor sealer stand out compared to other acrylic sealers.  It has good resistance to motor oil and salts and good resistance to gasoline and most other chemicals that you find in a typical garage.  If you do happen to damage the surface, it is easily repaired with the application of more sealer.

Is this type of sealer just as durable as epoxy? No, it is not and is one of the reasons why it is much less expensive. But it is also much easier to apply than epoxy and provides for good protection and looks to the average garage floor that doesn’t see a lot of abuse. MMA sealers are also a popular choice for commercial applications as well.

One thing to be aware of is that like most topical sealers, this one can be somewhat slippery when wet. Legacy Industrial recommends applying their Soft Skid additive in the Fine grit level to the final coat if you want to improve the anti-skid properties.

How easy is it to apply this sealer?

Just like any other topical do it yourself acrylic concrete sealer, HD6525-MMA™ can be applied with a roller or garden type pump-up sprayer.  If you can paint a wall and clean a garage floor, then you are qualified to apply this sealer.

glossy acrylic garage floor sealerBecause it is solvent based, you need to take the proper precautions and extinguish any open flames that you may have in the garage.  You do need to clean the concrete before application making sure to remove all contaminants such as oil, dirt, dust, grease and laitance.  Be sure to give the concrete adequate drying time before application and do not apply it if there are any visible signs of moisture.

In most cases a light sanding or acid etch may be required if your concrete is not very porous or has been steel troweled.

A minimum of two thin coats are recommended, with the application of a third coat for the best appearance and performance.  You can apply each coat about 4 hours after the first coat and you can walk on it about 4-6 hours after application.   It can be driven on 24-48 hours after the final coat.  One gallon covers approximately 250-350 square feet.   Remember that the second and third coats always go further since they don’t soak into the concrete like the first.

Cost as of the time of this article is $79 a gallon for the matte finish and it can be purchased for even less if bought in a 5 gallon container.

If you are looking for a DIY garage floor sealer that will stand up to the rigors of light to medium duty garage use, then this sealer is definitely worth looking into.  It is easy to apply, easily repaired, easy to clean, looks great, and has good wear resistance for a sealer of this type.  For more information on this product we recommend that you contact Legacy Industrial directly.

* All Garage Floors does not represent nor benefit from the sale of this product.


  1. says

    Thanks for posting! When it comes to DIY home improvement sometimes the garage gets overlooked. And while it may not be ‘easy’, simple projects like this can add so much value to the look, feel, and resale value of the home.

    • Shea says

      Yes, sometimes this may be a requirement if you have hard troweled concrete or concrete that does not absorb water well. Sanding the surface or a mild acid etch may be required.

  2. John says

    What is the best product for a maintenance coat, floor previously sealed with epoxy, has lost the gloss on the tire track.

    • Shea says

      Hello John. For epoxy coated floors that are still in sound shape but have lost their luster, the easiest way to bring it back is to ad a top coat of clear epoxy or polyurethane. It’s not difficult to prep. It requires roughing up the surface with either a black pad on a floor maintainer or sanding with 80 grit sandpaper or sanding screed. Clean up the dust and wipe it down with denatured alcohol and you are ready for the coat.

      Our recommendation would be a coat of polyurethane. It has a longer pot life than most epoxies, it can be rolled on out of a paint tray, and it will provide a very durable and glossy finish to your floor.

  3. Richard says

    A standard acrylic sealer seem to last about 2-3 years before another coat is required. What is the expected life of a MMA sealer before another coat is necessary?

    • Shea says

      Under similar conditions, MMA sealers have been known to last twice as long or more than standard water based acrylic sealers. Of course the time is relative to the conditions the sealer is put under.

  4. Dan says

    Getting ready to put up a new garage and I am very interested in the MMA sealer. What would be the best method to finish the concrete floor in preparation for an MMA sealer?

    • Shea says

      Hi Dan. A normal hand troweled finish works fine. If you machine trowel it you will need to acid etch the surface first before applying the MMA sealer.

  5. John says

    I have used epoxy coatings in previous garages, but the cost of the MMA sealer is so much less with about the same protection. If it needs a re-coating in a few years, can this be applied on top of the existing coating or does the floor have to be stripped (if that is even possible) and re-preped?

    • Shea says

      Hi John. Just to eliminate some confusion, an MMA sealer does offer good protection, but it’s not the same protection as a quality epoxy. That said, you do not need to strip the old coating to reapply. Just makes sure it’s clean first then reapply.

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